Welcome to Elegant Anchors! My name is Nikkita, I am a student currently studying English Language and Illustration at university. By being fascinated by style and passionate about life, it encouraged me to start blogging since early 2013 and going on to create Elegant Anchors in 2015 (later connecting it to Nikkita Illustration in 2017).

I enjoy taking photographs and creating art of pretty much everything. If I'm not taking pictures or creating art, I'm either spending time with family and friends, travelling, studying, listening to music or writing blog posts. On a night off, you can normally find me in my bed with a cup of tea catching up on YouTube videos or snuggled up reading a book.

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Thank you...

Nikkita 💛

For business or collaboration enquires please email nikkita0703@gmail.com

For illustration enquires please email nikkitaillustration@outlook.com