Sunday, 28 January 2018


Welcome 2018! I apologise for not blogging recently but I have been snowed under with assignments and festive occasions. This year has started off a little rocky but one thing I know is that 2018 is going to bring is many new beginnings and adventures. My main resolution for this year is to aim to be more positive. I feel like this is a resolution that can cover a variety of areas such as self-care and relationships. Although I know remaining positive can be tricky, I'm going to try my best to portray negative feelings as positive feelings. This is something that I already think I do well, but I feel that throughout 2017 this began to slip a little bit. So I want to start putting it into practise a little more! 

I was very lucky to bring the new year in surrounded by a group of friends from secondary school. We started the night with a lovely meal at Zaza Bazaar before heading downstairs to have a couple of drinks. I honestly couldn't have imagined seeing the new year in with a better bunch of people. It was also a lovely excuse to catch up with a few old friends.

If I had to explain 2017 in one word, it would probably be messy. 2017 was definitely full of highs and lows. However one thing that I can take from 2017 was the amount of life lessons it taught me. At the end of the year, I always find myself reflecting on the person I was and the person I want to be. I feel like this was the moment that all the lessons slotted into place and I realised all the things that I wanted to bring into the new year and all the things that will be left in 2017. When I think back to the person I was a year ago today, I have matured so much, even in ways I didn't think I ever would. 

Although it is tad late I want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year and I hope that 2018 brings health and happiness your way!

N 💛

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