Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Mentality Project | Residential Weekend

Our team's (Team Rhi) face paint selfies
Creating origami elephants and artwork for an exhibition at The Station called "Elephant in the Room"

Resilience, leadership and innovation - Our three key words for the weekend
Tips for public speaking and evaluation tree - where we placed things we wanted to achieve on the weekend

The three group's logos and score sheet for the weekend
Our countryside view
The first morning
Coming up with new campaign ideas 
Mind mapping ideas
Dragon Den theme - Presenting campaign ideas

The last couple of months have been a very hectic few months for me - so much has been going on. One of the things that has happened was a residential weekend with The Mentality Project - an amazing group ran by Off The Record where young people campaign about mental health. You may have heard me talk about Off The Record before in posts such as "Supporting Off The Record" and "Where Have I Been?". Above you can see a few pictures taken from the weekend with captions that tell you a couple of things we got up to. The residential for me was probably the best weekend of my life (and that isn't an understatement) - it was full of campaign ideas, activities and expanding my knowledge. It left me feeling refreshed, motivated and empowered to make change. 

N 💕