Saturday, 26 November 2016

Supporting Off The Record

Off The Record (also known as OTR) are a mental health charity who help support young people. They do this in many ways, from simply providing information to set young people on the right path or being creative with art-therapy-based sessions. They are a charity who are passionate about creating awareness of the importance of mental health just as much as physical health. They have been and always will be a free of charge, confidential and self-referral charity. They support many young people each year to help them help themselves or to help others. 

As they are a charity who work for free, this can sometimes become challenging. So they are looking for anyone who can either spare some money themselves or who can spread the word to someone who could donate. This is an amazing opportunity for them to have their money DOUBLED over the course of three days. So if you're willing to give £10 for example that will then become £20, which will make a huge difference to many young people's lives. Personally Off The Record have helped me to improve my confidence and do things that I never thought I could. 

Your donations will go towards a new venue called Inspiration Works, which will be the home to all sorts or group sessions, community work and creative mental health support. There's only three days left for you to help support this truly spectacular and moving charity. 

If you would like to be notified about donating on that date or simply just want to find out a little bit more about donating please click on either of the following links...

Every little helps! 

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