Saturday, 12 November 2016

My Time At University So Far

As you may or may have not known I am currently at university, so that's why I have taken some time away from blogging in order to give myself enough time to settle in and get used to the new amounts of work in which comes along with being a student.

I moved away from my hometown to enter a brand new city where I knew no one. As nervous as I was for this big move, it has definitely felt like a fresh start where I can reinvent myself into the person in which I want to be. Coming to university, I was nervous about making new friends and settling in, but after eight weeks I have already made some good friends and somewhere to call my second home. 

Living independently hasn't been as much of a difference for me as maybe it has been for others as my Dad has always encouraged me to do more things for myself. So the shock of washing my own clothes, taking out the bins and other somewhat adult chores wasn't as big of a deal for me. However finding the time in the day to do all the things in which I am supposed to do can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle. 

Overall university so far has been such an exciting and amazing experience. Juggling an academic life along with a social life means that no two days are ever the same. Although this is only my third month hear so far, I look forward to what the next three to four years holds for me.

N x

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