Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My DofE Experience

A while back now a good friend of mine asked me for some advice about the Duke of Edinburgh award, which inspired me to make this post as she said that it had helped her to hear about someone else's view about the whole experience. I took part in the Bronze DofE in a local youth club and to anyone who is thinking of doing DofE I would highly recommend it. 

Firstly it is not going to be an easy experience, you can get some really difficult points which encourages you to challenge yourself to your fullest. It also helps you develop your teamwork skills - if you are doing the exhibition part you're team mates will be there to help you as much as you do to them. Which through the team, you can make strong friendships that last. I did my DofE about two years ago now and I am still friends with the three girls who were in my original group. 

There are three parts to the DofE which is the expedition, volunteering and physical. I would recommend trying to complete both the volunteering and the physical before the exhibition as I found when I finished my last exhibition I was happy that I had completed it all as a whole and just had the nerves and excitement of the final presentation. The presentation may seem daunting at first but it's not that bad when you start planning and performing. My group took turns to say what was on the power point and because this was a joint experience, it makes it more exciting to talk about. 

The next important thing that I learnt from my DofE experience was to make sure you have comfortable boots. On my first practise walk I wore a pair of (what I thought would be comfy) Dr Martens. to say the least my feet still suffer from that incident now. However this did make me very keen to get a new pair of walking boots which made the whole experience more pleasant and which to this day are still my comfiest shoes.

Even if you don't think that you are capable to do the exhibition... you will surprise yourself, I definitely did! You can go on practise walks to boast your confidence about walking a long distance which would most likely help raise your stamina. It's worth a try as it is an experience like no other. Plus it looks great on your CV! 

N x

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