Sunday, 3 July 2016

University Relationships | Advice

Question : 

Is it possible to have a strong relationship when either both or one person moves away to University? Do long distance relationships really work?


I have heard of many different outcomes of relationships at university. I think it is something that depends on how strong the relationship between you two are. Also you may have to consider the distance if they are moving away from your home town. For example if they are moving an hour away, there is a much more likely chance of being able to visit regularly. But if you move say two hours + away, it would be much more harder to return - meaning you will end up seeing them less often than you probably would've hoped. 

But to move on a more positive note I have seen relationships where one person is in a completely different country studying and the relationship being stronger than ever. Due to social media's like Skype it means it's easier than ever to connect at distances. I've also seen relationship where people are closer and they do not work out.

My advice on this topic would be to give it a go, you can live next door to somebody and it might not work. Have a talk with each other discussing your worry about one of you potentially moving away and talk about ways you could meet and whether you consider it would be the right choice for you two to stay together. No matter what the outcome is don't let your relationship affect yours or their personal goals. 

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