Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Prom 2016

Friday 8th July 2016... I had my leavers prom for sixth form. If you have been following me for a while you might recognise some things from my "Throwback To Prom" post, like the people and my dress. Luckily I bought my dress with the intention of wearing it twice, so I just thought I'd put that out there before we begin. 

Prom 2016 was much more casual than my last prom but still gave us all an excuse to dress up a little more fancy than we normally would. We were welcomed to this beautiful building with a glass of champagne which made the whole event feel far more fancier and sophisticated. As there are four "campuses" to my overall sixth form it gave everyone a chance to talk and catch up for one last time before we all part our separate ways into the scary world of adulthood. Prom 2016 was definitely one of the more positive memories from my time at sixth form and made all the hard work from the past two years worth it.

My Best Friend

The View

A Selfie With The Girls

The View After Sunset

On The Way

N x

Sunday, 17 July 2016

My CD Collection

Ever since I was a little girl, music has been my escape from the struggles of life along with the celebrations. I have always been a big fan of music and I am one of those people who can be easily influenced by the songs that are playing. 

If I'm out and about you can always be certain that I have my ipod, full of all 1,860 songs, on me majority of the time. Washing the dishes, popping to the local shops, making dinner, train journeys and walks to visit friends: you will most likely see me wearing either my black headphones or my electric blue earphones. So it's not a surprise when I tell you that my CD collection is fairly large, with way over 60 CDs and counting.

So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite CDs with you. I would like to quickly put a disclaimer out there that I am by no means "bragging" amount of CD's I own, I have the amount I do because I have been collecting them for over 14 years. Also, although I may have a slightly diverse taste in music, all opinions are of my own and this is not sponsored in any way. With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading and it possibly gives you some ideas for your own purchases.

Suck It And See - Arctic Monkeys 
* * * * *
I own all the Arctic Monkeys albums along with a vinyl. The fact they're my favourite band makes it hard to pick a favourite but at the moment I'm enjoying this album the most. 

Oh Wonder - Oh Wonder
* * * *
This is one of the most recent additions to my collection, but after listening to a few of their songs I fell in love and had to purchase it.

Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
* * * * *
This is most likely one of the more personal album's in the collection, I also love the fact that it tells a story throughout the tracks.

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand 
* * *
I enjoyed listening to their music when I was younger, especially "take me out" so I had to have it for all time sake.

New Glow - Matt and Kim
* * * *
This is my only signed version of any of my CDs. I managed to pick this up after one of their gigs that I went to back in February. 

Feline - Ella Eyre
* * * *
This is another artist that I was lucky enough to see live and her stage presence was exceptional. I've always loved her music hence why I own the CD.

N x

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Instagram Diary | 4

The Last Shadow Puppets Concert
(Top left)

Father's Day 
(Top middle)

The Pub With My Friends
(Top right)

Walks With My Family 
(Bottom left)

Picnic's With My Friends 
(Bottom middle and right)

My New Favourite Place 
(Top left)

Adventures With My Little Sister 
(Top middle)

My Final Piece For A Level Art 
(Top right)

Summers Day 
(Bottom left)

Late Night Drives 
(Bottom middle)

A Cheeky Selfie
(Bottom right)

It's been a while since I have done an Instagram Diary post so I thought I'd update you with the photos I have been sharing. For those of you who haven't seen my fairly recent post about "my addiction to photographs" you may not know that I love almost everything about photographs. So as you may have guessed Instagram (for me) is definitely a loved app of mine.

Instagram Diary | One / Two / Three

N x

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Attachments And Commitments | Advice


How can I help person A? She can't physically leave person B because she is basically his carer. He doesn't treat her well and she can't live her life because he is her number one priority. She can't come and go as she pleases let along leave him. For the last twenty years that she's been with him she's helped him with everything and I don't know how long she can put up with it. He hasn't been out the house properly for four years and either person A or person C has to be in the house with him every day. They had a gambling problem but they have done this thing where they can ban themself. Apart from that, it was the only they went too and something they could enjoy. But they would always spend all their money and it couldn't go on anymore. Person A doesn't know what she can do, it's like she's trapped!


From this it sounds like person A is in a sticky situation. It's understandable for person A to feel trapped and partially person C to feel a little trapped them self too. I feel like anyone who is a carer for someone has to do what they have to do, it's part of their life and becomes mundane especially after twenty years. However this shouldn't mean that person A or person C should not have fun themselves either.

My advice on this situation is to take time to do the things that you like. Possibly a daily hobby could be something that could be done in the home whilst person B is well occupied. This could be something like painting, reading or even possibly playing computer games. This way it would give person A and person C something that they can do to take them away from the stresses whilst not having to feel guilty about it. Then possibly once a week person A could go out with friends whilst person C looks after person B and vice versa. 

If this is too difficult as person B is in a critical condition. I would recommend looking into some charity's in your local area where carers can go to meet other carers and have a slight break whilst person B is being looked after. This would be a great place for person A and C to go so that they could meet new people in a similar situation as them. This would mean you could get advice from them as well as providing some sort of laid back counselling.

N x

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Being An Introverted Extrovert

I would consider myself to be an "introverted extrovert" and for those of you who are somewhat baffled by this phrase... it means someone who falls in the middle of being outgoing as well as enjoying time alone. When these terms come into society we immediately think you have to be one or the other - you can't be both. But the fact is as some may know there is a scale in which you can be on, which proves you can be between the two. 

I am a big fan of getting out and meeting new people. Spending time with friends and basically having a fairly unique social life. If you were to see me with my friends on a night you would most likely think I am extrovert. I would be laughing and joking and most likely trying to get you involved with the fun. However I am also very much of a introvert too, I enjoy spending time on my own and it wouldn't be unusual if you were to see me in a coffee shop enjoying a cup of tea in my own little world.

As much as I do enjoy to spend time on my own, if I spend too much time on my own. I fall into a little Alice in Wonderland hole of worry. Where I can only be brought out of by talking to a fellow human being. So there's both positives and negatives to being an introverted extrovert, as like many things in life. 

I thought I'd make this post as I think sometimes it is healthy to reflect on yourself and where you are at this moment in your life and where you want to be aiming for. But to truly aim for that goal in which you dream to achieve, you must find inner confidence first. So let me know in the comments whether you're an introvert or extrovert or a bit of both like me? 

N x

Sunday, 3 July 2016

University Relationships | Advice

Question : 

Is it possible to have a strong relationship when either both or one person moves away to University? Do long distance relationships really work?


I have heard of many different outcomes of relationships at university. I think it is something that depends on how strong the relationship between you two are. Also you may have to consider the distance if they are moving away from your home town. For example if they are moving an hour away, there is a much more likely chance of being able to visit regularly. But if you move say two hours + away, it would be much more harder to return - meaning you will end up seeing them less often than you probably would've hoped. 

But to move on a more positive note I have seen relationships where one person is in a completely different country studying and the relationship being stronger than ever. Due to social media's like Skype it means it's easier than ever to connect at distances. I've also seen relationship where people are closer and they do not work out.

My advice on this topic would be to give it a go, you can live next door to somebody and it might not work. Have a talk with each other discussing your worry about one of you potentially moving away and talk about ways you could meet and whether you consider it would be the right choice for you two to stay together. No matter what the outcome is don't let your relationship affect yours or their personal goals. 

N x

Friday, 1 July 2016

Things To Do This Summer

As amazing a Summer can be, I sometimes find that it's hard to keep yourself busy and make the most of it. I find this is especially true if you are lucky enough to have a Summer holiday or break. So with this in mind I thought I'd create a list of a few of the things in which I could do to keep myself busy and make the most of it, and thought I'd share a few of them with you. If you can think of any others leave be sure to leave them in the comments or even make your own post or video about things you'd do. I'd love to see them.

1 | Create a blog or YouTube channel

2 | If you don't already get a job or volunteer

3 | Learn a musical instrument 

4 | Go on days out and travel with loved ones

5 | Read books or maybe even write one

6 | Have a spring clean

7 | Do some colouring in or create your own piece of art

8 | Go on holiday 

9 | Go on a bike ride

10 | Bake a cake or cook a new recipe 

11 | Go through a Wreck this Journal

N x