Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Top Five Blogs

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while and as we’re five months into the new year. I thought what better time to tell you my top five blogs of the year so far. As you may have guessed based on the fact that I am a blogger, I enjoy reading other peoples blogs just as much as writing my own blog posts. As it helps me to address my more creative side and also it’s just a lovely thing to do after a long hard day. Personally for me it has turned into the new magazine, with new content every day.

Recently I came across Hannah Witton’s blog, I have been watching her YouTube channel for a while but have only just came across her in the blogging world and I love her unique content. She addresses some things that I think can be seen as somewhat taboo in some areas of blogging and creates a unique and frequent amount of content. I also love how she addresses many things about life that others don’t necessarily address for example living alone.

This is a fairly new blog that I have stumbled across in the world of bloglovin’. I am a big fan of photos as this is something that can draw me either to or away from a blog. I love the pictures that she takes for her blog posts they are very peaceful and are wonderfully taken.

Personally I love her style and the way that she represents that throughout her blog. Although the design and her photos are subtle she still manages to create an impact. Also she has her new eyelashes and nails out which is also a perk as they look beautiful and are designed in a unique way.

This is a new blog that I have stumbled across recently, personally I love the unique atmosphere that this blog has. I also enjoy to see a new take on blogging which, this blog portrays with the advice column. Growing up I always loved this part of magazines, so to see it in a blog format is fun. 

This isn’t a typical blog as such; it is more of a tumblr blog, which seems to be the new way of blogging. I came across this blog whilst trying to get the motivation to revise for my exams and I’m glad I did. Her photos are beautifully taken and before I start writing a long piece of work or revising for exams, I look over it and makes me a little more calm about the revision.

N x


  1. this was awesome! love finding out about amazing new blogs <3
    I haven't heard about any of them before, so thanks for sharing (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. Aw, thank you. Yes, me too! No worries, I love hearing about new blogs too. xx