Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Importance Of Spending Time With Friends

Friends have always been a big part of my life whether I know it or not. I've had many friends throughout my life and I am lucky to say that some have turned into family now. Although I was planning on writing this post a couple of weeks ago. I have recently been out for a lovely evening to the pub with a few of my closest friends and I must say it has really encouraged me to write this post even more.

"They say if you truly want to know yourself look at your five closest friends" and I must admit this is very true. I am lucky to say that I have had a good friendship with my closest friend for over three years and it keeps getting stronger. We manage to fight through the low points and are always there for each other through all the blood, sweat and tears of life. However I don't think we could've ever been that close if we didn't spend time together. 

The other night I went out with a few of my closest friends, but I didn't have the best of weeks and being around the exam period I did contemplate whether I was making the right decision to go out. I can guarantee I did. Although my week had been stressful, because I was around my three closest friend who I trust deeply, I was able to open up about my worries and get them off my chest. It really helped. Being at a point in my life where I am developing more into a lady, not having a strong women figure in my life can be a little daunting sometimes. But I am lucky to have close friends who I am open with in order to help answer a few of life's strangest questions. 

I have realised that the time that I don't spend with my friends, I can find myself getting into a rut which can be quite tricky to get out off. In this time I find myself knocking myself and stumbling down an even bigger whole, just because I didn't ring that friend up as I didn't want to burden them with my worries. But the truth is if they are a true friend, you will not be burdening them, because at the end of the day spending time with friends help uplift you. 

So if you have a friend you haven't seen in a while, ring them up and arrange to meet up because you are never going to get that valuable time back. Friends are the family you choose and can save you a fortune of therapy. 

N x

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