Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Addiction To Photographs

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been the one behind the camera. I still own the first camera I ever had; it’s a small little one where you have to insert film in order to take more photos. It’s a bit like a reusable disposable camera. I had a little rope attached to it so that I could hang it around my neck when I wasn’t using it. Yep, nerdy I know.

However now I’m older I thank little me for being the one who loves photos, as I can look back over the little things that wouldn’t of normally been able to see, my life through the eyes of little me. I have had pictures of mundane things but looking back they mean a lot. As I developed a love for photography from a young age, it does mean that I do own a small collection of cameras now.

Recently I went through my photos in order to clear out some, as I had a lot of photo albums. I managed to cut down eight photo albums into two, which may seem like I lost a lot of photos throughout the process. I’m not prepared to say I didn’t but I have doubled up every slot where a picture is. But shh! That’s our little secret.

Having a lot of photos it is hard to say that I have a favourite one as there is so many and with the way we take photographs today it means we can take more pictures and keep them stored much more easily. However there is one photo that whenever I think of my favourite photo, this one springs to mind. It may seem a little blurry to some but for me it is perfect. It is in fact the only Polaroid picture that I own and was taken on a summers evening when I was in my next door neighbours with my Dad singing karaoke. I every time I look at that photo it bring me right back to that moment when I was about four years old. Honestly that’s the thing that I love about photos as although we do have memories, a picture helps to give us that visual side to them.



  1. I love taking photos as well! It helps to be reminded of amazing moments in life (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. Yes! I definitely agree, so many amazing moments can be re-lived through photos xx