Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Best Nap

Recently I have done some research into napping and whether it is actually good for you or not. A few months back I used to be huge on napping, but I never knew when was enough or when was the right time to nap. After looking into the topic I decided to tell you a little about the art of napping as it may be the thing that you are missing from your life.

There are five different types of naps depending on what you are looking to get out of it...

1 | The Power Nap (10-20 minutes)
This is the most well known nap when you just take a couple of minutes out of your day to help with things like getting your essay finished. This is the best type of nap to help get you straight back on your toes.

2 | The NASA Nap (26 minutes)
This may seem like a very specific number but although it is, it has actually be proven by scientists to help improve performance and alertness.

3 | The Bad Nap (30 minutes)
Surprisingly there is such thing as a bad nap. This nap causes sleep inertia which is basically a "sleep hangover" and if any of you have had a hangover before (I'm hoping none of my younger viewers) you really don't want a nap to give you one. So around the 30 minute mark is best to avoid if possible.

4 | The Slow-Wave Sleep Nap (60 minutes)
This is the best nap if you've had a sleepless night as it helps cognitive memory. So if you have a meeting or an important presentation be sure to give this a try as it may help you remember the important facts. 

5 | The Full Sleep Cycle Nap (90 minutes) 
This is the best before a big test or exam along with any other important event much like the slow wave sleep nap as it helps creativity, emotional and procedural memory.

So when is the best time to nap? I hear you ask. It is in fact between 1pm and 4pm as this is the time people have taken naps in the past. It is just after your "dinner time" which means it helps you to digest your food. Now days this is the time that we have found to be most tired. It is also helpful to be sat up a little bit as again this helps your food digest if you have previously eaten along with helping to avoid a deep sleep as it will make you even more tired in the long run. 

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