Wednesday, 6 April 2016

March Favourites

March has been a crazy month personally (find out more here), there has been lots that has happened which has also affected my favourites for this month as I haven't used as many things as I would normally use. However there has been a fair few that I keep going back to and also as it was my birthday I also received some lovely presents. 

First of all is a lovely present that my Auntie and Uncle got me. Majority of people that know me and probably most of you reading this. I have a love for anchors for many reasons. I also love dainty necklaces so when my they got me this for my birthday I fell in love as it is very personal and also ever so beautiful. It has already become my little lucky charm. 

Next up is this hand cream. I always use Vaseline hand creams as I find it is the one that works best for my skin. I find any other hand cream I use it feels like it doesn't soak in as well or doesn't work as well in the long run. However I ran out of the previous hand cream that I was using so I had to pick up another and that's when I came across this. This is the "advanced repair" range and so I'm told it doesn't contain as much chemicals and nasty stuff like that as the others do. It also contains small droplets of Vaseline which is great for dry and damaged skin. 

This has been a love of mine for a while. I am  quite a big fan of Ted Baker products so when I could get my hands on this I fell in love. It's hard to describe the smell, if I had to say I would probably say it is mature with a touch of a floral scent. It also lasts all day which makes it great for a work or school fragrance. 

I have always loved keeping a diary for as long as I can remember but I don't update it as regularly as I should. I tend to only write down updates of my life and my thoughts. The previous diary I had was quite negative so I enjoy this diary as I've decided to write only positive things in their or positive outlooks on negatives situations to help change my mindset. 

Again this is my favourite book this month. I am a fairly slow reader so it takes quite a while to read things but I've read a bit more than last time and to tell you what it gets interesting...

This is another one of my loves this month, my JVC headphones. A few months back my old headphones had broke as I caught them on a door handle. Also a rabbit had bit it a few years back so they definetly had been worn. I love headphones personally for when I'm around the house as I feel it gives a better quality of sound. Me being someone who adores much took a trip as soon as I could to PC World with my Dad to have a look at some headphones they had on sale and after trying a few and my Dad having to make sure it was the best quality for money we had picked these. They aren't as glamourous as other bloggers headphones but they are comfortable and good quality and that's all that matters really. 

This month I have been listening to a lot of different music by a lot of different people and genres. However as I am going to see them live on Thursday I have decided to pull out "Matt and Kim" they are a very lively duo and their music is so happy and makes you want to get up and dance which makes it even better. Basically I am very excited to go and see them live and can't wait. 

N x


  1. Love your post! Your anchor necklace is so cute! I would love to try the Ted Baker scent too.
    Enjoy your weekend, Isabella

    1. Aww, thank you very much Isabel. The Ted Baker fragrance is very lovely and a reasonable price too, I picked this one up for £9.99, so definitely shop around if you're interested in picking one up for yourself. Aww, you too; also your blog is beautiful! xx