Sunday, 27 March 2016

Revision Tips

Exams are just around the corner and if you are the unlucky few you may have already started some. It is easy to feel the pressure when preparing for exams, they are a very stressful time in every body's life as you always want to do well for both you and the ones around you. But the good thing is there is no better time to start revising then the present. 

Before I begin to give you a few tips to revise I want to make it clear that there are three very important things to consider that will help your final mark a lot more than any revision; is to attend your classes, even if you really don't want to or are feeling slightly ill as this is where you are going to be told everything you need to know and get the most time to learn what you need to know. Which leads me on to the second thing that will help guarantee that you at least pass is to pay attention to the things you get told both about the subject and the exam. This will guarantee you know the basics about the things you need to know on the big day. The third is to take notes, in whatever way you find is most useful. 

1 | Get plenty of sleep
I know when your trying to revise and fit in a social life, school and possibly a part time job it can be very difficult to both study and sleep. But the most important thing is especially before the big day. As sleep will give your body enough time to recover and process all the revision you have done throughout the day. Also the last thing you need is to fall asleep during the exam or to over sleep and miss the exam. 

2 | Create a check list of everything you need to study
It may seem an easy thing to do but it helps you to get organised and make sure you're not missing out anything you need to study. It is easy to forget the some sections especially when you're under pressure. So by making a check list, it will ensure you have a basic guideline. This is also a great technique for those of you who aren't the biggest fan of study timetables. 

3 | Take regular breaks
I can not stress this enough! When you are revising make sure you take frequent breaks whether that's just going to get a drink or watching an episode or video on YouTube. Breaks help to keep the information you are revising to stay in as if you overload more often than not only half the information goes in. So take a step back and it may even help to relieve the stress.

If you would like another post on actual ways to revise leave a comment below. Exams will always be stressful no matter how long they are, so make sure you put your health before anything else as if you're not feeling your best, you're not going to do your best. Good luck!

Nikkita x

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