Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jewellery for Africa

Compared to other posts you would tend to find on here, this isn't your so called "typical" blog post from me. But it is something that I feel fairly passionate about. Therefore I have decided to let you know a little bit of information about something I have been doing recently. I guess you could say it has been a little enterprise project. 

Each year at my sixth form come together to try to raise money. We do this by thinking of creative and unique ways in order to create as much money as we can. Some people hold small gaming events, others sell cakes and I make jewellery. I have always considered myself to be fairly creative, so this is somewhat like a small outlet for me to express that. 

Our sixth form has a strong connection with a school over in the out backs of Kenya. Unfortunately due to poverty they can't always raise enough money in order to go to school. A year of education for the potential students would be equivalent to £100 in the UK. Because my place of study feels strongly about making sure everyone receives an equal amount of education, we aim to send at least ten children of all ages to go to school each year. We aim to keep this up every year, so we don't let the students, that we have already funded, down. Any money that has been left over we put towards school supplies such as pens and paper. We also send across sanitary towels to ensure that young girls don't miss any school and get an equal amount of education.

There are many reasons these students can't get the money to get to school, the main reason is that they have lost their parents or close family members due to illnesses such as aids or malaria. Sadly one of the students that we had been funding for the past three years passed away due aids. This was heart breaking for everyone to hear, but lucky we received a letter from here soon after explaining how thankful he was for the support we have given him in order to have an education. 

I feel like sometimes we can get caught up with our own lives and our own problems that we forget about the other tragedy's that go on every day in other places on this football we call planet earth. Sometimes I think it is good to take a step back to help support someone else in need and give something back to the world. 

Nikkita x

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