Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How to Get up Early?

Getting up early has always been a difficult thing for me. I am by far a night owl, between 11pm and 2am is when I feel most productive and on a day that I don't need to be up early you can usually find me tidying my room at this time. However even if I go to bed early, hoping to get up early, it rarely works. So I have taken to the internet to find different ways to help me and you get up earlier. Not all of them will work for you as we all have different preferences but hopefully one or two will.

Plan an exciting and yummy breakfast | This will give you something to jump out of bed for. 

Drink water before bed | This may sound silly but it will help you feel rejuvinated when you wake up, also it's a great way to help get rid of any pesky headaches. 

Create a to do list for the morning | This will prevent any late night anxietys, by putting it on the to do list it will save you from either forgetting or letting it play on your mind and keep you up. 

Turn off your phone | This is self explainatory, if you have no phone you are less likely to surf the web in the morning. 

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