Sunday, 6 March 2016

February Favourites | 2016

It's here again! Last years February monthly favourites is still till this day one of the most visited blog posts from Elegant Anchors. I did in fact post this yesterday, however I wasn't to pleased with how it looked. Therefore I have re-written it in some places in order to make sure I'm proud of the content. Also a quick little message... it's my birthday today!! 

NIVEA | Pearl and Beauty 

I have used the Nivea black and white for the past year. However it wasn't doing the things that I would like in a antiperspirant. So I decided to pick up another one to give it a try. I saw this one on the shelf and it was cheap and cheerful. Since using this product I have noticed a huge change in my skin, the ingredients in this deodorant makes your skin feel surprisingly soft too.

PALMER'S | Daily Skin Therapy

In my eyes everyone should give this a try if they have stretch marks or scars. Unfortunately I have a few of these. I have not yet managed to test out the well known Bio-Oil yet, but as this was cheaper and I had already heard good reviews I thought I'd give it a go. Oh my! I love it. Since using this my scares and stretch marks have toned down a lot, even to the point that I can barely see them any more. I began using this in January but have decided to make it into my routine. It may sound a little weird, but I also use this on my feet and then put some socks on and it works far more better than any feet moisturisers I have used before. I began testing this product out from a travel sized bottle to see whether it was worth a big bottle. As soon as I finished the small bottle I ran to the shops to get a normal sized one. Another great thing about this is that you only need a little bit of it for it to be able to work which means you get your money worth.

LOUISE PENTLAND | Life with a sprinkle of glitter

The book I have been reading on the side this month is Life with a sprinkle of glitter by Louise Pentland (also known as Sprinkle of Glitter). Sometimes I find that I don't always want to sit down and read a story, I would much prefer to pick up an easy read. This book is just that. I know I'm a little late on the band wagon with this book, but I have only just realised the positivity and happiness that this book brings. It's full with many things like pampering, baking, crafts, surviving education, dating and being kind. It's just a lovely book to read it's also fairly small so it can easily be put in a bag for those bus journey or outing reads.

Hair Clip

This may seem like a weird favourite but it's the hair clip that is attached to this book. You can purchase these from a few places for a fairly cheap price. I have been using these ones for years now and have never really gave them any credit they always seem to be just there. However these are great for just keeping in your bag or around your home just to keep your hair out of your face. In my opinion if it's to quickly keep you hair out of your face, it can sometimes be better than a hair band as it doesn't create a crease in your hair.


This month I have been binge watching the series called Fresh Meat. It is a show about Enlgish students at university and how they live their lives. I love this programme, I don't know whether you can get it in any other countries but it's available in the UK on channel four on demand or (for the new series) channel four at 10pm on Mondays. It's just an easy watch and funny at the same  time. 

LONDON GRAMMAR | Darling are you Gonna Leave me

My favourite song from February is one of the best songs I have heard from London Grammar. I have always been a big fan of London Grammar's music and as I was listening to them I came across this live performance and fell in love with it.   The song is just so peaceful and reminds me of a summers evening either on a beach or at a festival just chilling out.

Nikkita x

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