Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dear February...

Dear February, 

You haven't been the easiest of months. However you have withheld a lot of new found experiences and potential activities for the future. During this month I have travelled to see family, went to a few meetings and have also had a mock exam that due to the decision I made earlier on this year has become a fairly big deal to me. 

It has been a month that has been quite stressful and unsettling. Which normally seems like a terrible thing, but it surprisingly hasn't been. It has encouraged me to open my eyes and appreciate the support and loving people I have around me, as well as to get my life a little more organised.

I'm not in the best of places at the moment but by the time it's the end of next month that would be sorted out either for the best or the worse. Either way I would be in a much more stable place in my life than I am in now. In all honesty that's what is keeping me going, looking up at all the amazing experiences that are waiting for me in the present and near future. 

Throughout this month I have stumbled across a quote that has really inspired me, so February I will leave you with this... "I'm the hero of this story, I don't need saving". 

Nikkita x

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