Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Minimalistic Approach to Shopping

In today's day and age, we can get caught of being a shopaholic without even knowing we are. With more and more gadgets and more and more of the latest things, no wonder we are eager to keep up to date with society and enjoy new things. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes it may be a little pricey or a little cluttering. Therefore I have put together a few ideas to help you save money or stop buying things that you may not necessarily need. Obviously these are only techniques and tips for you if you wish to spend less money or are maybe thinking of becoming more minimalistic. 

Tip 1 

This may seem obvious but keep a handful of bags with you whilst shopping. In the UK bags are now 5p from any store that has over 200 members of staff working for them as a whole. 5p isn't that much however as all proceeds should go to a selected charity from that organisation. But if you are doing your weekly or monthly household shop you may find that you are adding roughly 30p on top of your bill already. Shockingly the 5p's add up, so if you get one bag and use it as much as possible before it breaks you have got the most use out of that 5p as possible, also you are saving the planet too. 

Tip 2 

Think long and hard before making a big purchase. So you've seen a pair of shoes that you love and you are thinking of buying them. I mean they're even on sale! However don't get mislead like most of the population by buying something because it's on sale. Ask yourself a few questions before you buy them like: Have you got some like these already? Would you get good use out of them? Are they good quality? Would you buy them normally if they were not on sale? After thinking about it, you still like them... get them! If you are unsure it may be best to leave them behind and save the money and space for something else. 

Tip 3 

This is something that has really helped me recently. I never really thought about how much this can affect your decision but it does. Say again there is something your really like or want to buy. Instead of using you card to pay for it, go to a cash machine and withdraw the money you need for the purchase. Then go back into the shop and pay for it using only the cash. This may sound silly, but you are more aware of the money you are giving away. If you go to give over the money and feel guilty it is most likely you don't want to spend your money on that particular item. If however handing the money over doesn't bother you it is more likely that the item you are buying is worth while.

Tip 4

Check how much money you have in your account before you go shopping. This way you will know how much money you have actually got and whether you can actually afford it. Most of the time we shop not knowing actually how much money we have. I work in retail and there has been multiple times that people have gone to buy something for me to then have to tell them they can't. So it is much safer overall to be aware about how much money you have got and how to budget it correctly. 

Nikkita x

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