Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Three Pencil Challenge | Christmas Edition

Before we begin I would like to say I am no professional when it comes to art, it is just something I enjoy to do. As soon as I saw this challenge I really wanted to give it a go, it looked like so much fun and real challenge at the same time. I thought I'd draw a snowman in order to make it a little more Christmas themed to go along with this month. 

You begin by selecting a maximum of three colours in which are the only colours you can use throughout the whole picture. I selected mine out, however some people who want more of a challenge tend to pick at random. In the end I selected a light blue, brown and a dark green.

I began by using the darkest colour which was the brown, this was to add any necessary shading I may have wanted and to help me get a more clear understanding on the sections that I need to complete and what colours I could use for them.

I then added the dark green, I used this on the scarf and to shade the trees to try to represent the shadow that the sun leaves on them. I then went on to add the light blue in order to create definition within the snow and the tops of the silhouette buildings. 

Ta da! As you can see below is the finished result. I went back over it with the other two colours just to correct any places and add to anything I've missed. Bearing in mind, this is only a doodle, I am fairly pleased with how it has turned out, it doesn't look to bad.

What do you think of my Snowman? Have you done the Three Pencil/Marker Challenge yet?

Nikkita x

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