Monday, 7 December 2015

Manicure Monday

This year I decided to go and a manicure in order to give myself a little treat. Originally I was going to go for a red shade as at this time of year, I am always wearing red nails. I think it is such a festive colour. However some people do believe that red nail polish is likely to chip easily which tends to put people off. But I personally find that if it is applied properly it lasts just as much as any other colour you wish to put on your nails. 

After discussing what colour to go on my nails, the lady asked me whether I wanted glitter. Normally glitter is right out of my comfort zone, when it comes to nails I am much more happier sticking with basic simple colours. However for some reason I said she could choose. She then carried on and applied it on top and I was shocked with how much I loved the glitter on top as it gives it much more of a festive feel.

What colours do you like to wear coming up to Christmas? 

Nikkita x

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