Sunday, 13 December 2015

Luxury Gift Ideas

After two more presents I will have completely finished getting my Christmas presents this year. I love giving people presents it is such an exciting thing to do. Personally I prefer it more than receiving as I love to watch the persons face when they open it, whether they liked it or not. Knowing that you are giving something to someone makes me feel like I'm giving them something back from what they have given me over the year and showing them how thankful I am to have them in my life. Sometimes it nice to get those closest to you a more special gift.

1 | Designer gift set - You can never go wrong with a gift set and if you get a designer set this will show you've put extra time and money into your present which will make them feel special. Especially because not ever can afford quality products throughout the year.

2 | Fragrance - Everyone wants fragrance but sometimes people can't afford it throughout the year so they stick to deodorant. However with a fragrance you've spent a bit of extra time to get the right one for them.

3 | Something they've been mentioning for a while - This seems simple but if you listen to what they mention they want throughout the year if you can afford to get it for them they will be so amazed that you didn't only listen to them but you also went out your way to get it for them.

What's your luxury gift ideas? Leave them in the comments to help others out 

Nikkita x

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