Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is probably the most traditional time of the year. Every family or person has their own little traditions that they like to stick by. Most of the time these are passed down through generations however sometimes we tweak them a little bit in order to suit us as we grow up. 

One tradition that might not sound like a tradition is Christmas tree's. Every year for as long as I can remember I have always put up a Christmas tree. As I have grown older we go out to a nearby Christmas tree sale and choose the most suitable tree for us out of all the lovely trees in which they have to sell. This year we have a tree and we have lights but we don't have any baubles so that's the plan for this evening. 

Another is Christmas crackers, there is nothing better then a good Christmas cracker on Christmas Day. Even though the jokes are not always that funny, it's always happened every year within my family and it's something that I think can make a Christmas perfect. Crossing hands with the loved ones next to you  on the Christmas table and counting down the time in which you all pull your crackers, makes the Christmas meal complete. 

Which brings me swiftly on to Christmas dinner. For those of you in the UK this is more likely a festive edition of a roast dinner. With potatoes, meat, gravy and much more it is a meal that I can surely say that everyone looks forward to each year. 

Last but certainly not least has got to be spending time with family and friends. Since last year I have realised how much family and a close knit of friends actually mean and how making sure you have the right people in your life to support you through your ups and downs throughout life. Which after last year is what made my Christmas so amazing was the time spent with my small but amazing family and close friends. So I think it is a fairly important and fairly new tradition of mine is to spend as much time this festive seasons with the ones you love in order to show them how much they mean to you. 

What are your Christmas Traditions? 

Nikkita x

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