Saturday, 19 December 2015

Anxiety at Christmas

I think it’s safe to say that this time of year comes with many different reasons to be anxious. For example maybe you haven’t got all of your Christmas presents yet or maybe you’re not going to have a Christmas like you normally have. This is normal to be feeling anxious for these reasons and many more. But you should not have to deal with it without doing anything to try and help; therefore I have found a few ways for you to relax and try to manage your anxiety this festive season.

1 | Pamper evening – This is a simple way to rejuvenate yourself and maybe your self-esteem to which could prevent your anxiety from taking over. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath in your home this is perfect as you can relax and chill out with no distractions from anyone, but if you don’t and you have a shower you can still relax and maybe wear a face mask.

2 | Festive films and books – This is a great way in order to take your mind off of everyday worries. It’s a simple way to get lost in another world for an hour or two. Light a candle, get a hot beverage and snuggle up and get lost in another world, it’s always a great way to help you come back to reality having taken a well-deserved break.

3 | Colouring in book – This time of year there are many festive books out there for you to colour in. There are some fairly cheap ones that have pictures of Santa and other festive objects for you to colour or there is also the mindfulness collection which has a Christmas edition book out. Personally I love the mindfulness collection as they are especially made for adults in order to take create a more mindful state.

What do you do to relieve anxiety or stress this festive season?

Nikkita x

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