Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Autumn Nails

As the end of Autumn is upon us, I have been loving a few nail polishes. Over the past couple of months I have been wearing them consistently and getting real use out of the money I have spent of them. They are also colours that I would personally associate with the autumn seasons which makes them even better. 

This is a nail polish that I have had since last autumn and have worn throughout the Christmas period too. I love the colour of this as it is a little more purple in different lighting which gives your nails a little mix up without having to paint them a different colour. The applicator makes it very easy to apply, which is a bonus. However after a year of having this nail polish the quality of the product has become more lumpy and harder to apply. But nevertheless I loved this nail polish so I would definitely repurchase this again the future. 

This nail polish is another red shade however this colour is more of a darker and clearer red even though it may not look like it. Personally I love the pigment of this product and how the brush is a little thicker than other brands. Meaning it's quicker to apply as it covers more surface of the nail at once. Unfortunately something I found with this product is when I take it off with the good old nail polish remover and cotton wool pad tends to stain the surrounding area of my nail. So I normally have to end up trying to peal it off as it leaves my hands more clean that way. Overall this product is good and doesn't need many layers for a strong quality coat.

NAILSINC | Marylebone Mews 

Last but certainly not least is this greyish brown nail polish. I love this colour for all year around as it can make for an everyday classy and elegant look. Something I am also very fond of with this product is the size of the handle as it helps to give a more precise coat. 

What nail polishes have you been loving recently? 

Nikkita x

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