Sunday, 25 October 2015

Ten Things to Start Doing

Day to day life can be very stressful and exhausting. Which can sometimes leave you not feeling your best as you've spent so much time focused on other tasks and people that you forget about yourself. However there are little things that you can do in your day to day life that will help your body and mind become more relaxed and at peace.

1 | Drink lots of water and green tea

2 | Go to bed earlier

3 | Listen to peaceful music

4 | Wear clothes that make you happy

5 | Throw away things you don't need

6 | Begin yoga or meditation

7 | Read a book

8 | Do not judge or compare yourself to others

9 | Enjoy little things

10 | Go outside

What do you do to feel more at peace and relaxed?

Nikkita x

Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Feel Good Playlist

Do you ever have those days where you're feeling a bit low? You don't even have to of had a bad day, you just need a pick me up. Well, I think we all get those days and if we say we don't we're probably lying. 

I always find a good pick me to be listening to music that makes me feel good about myself and allows to me to be happy in my own skin. Even on days where you are feeling good, I still like listening to songs that maintain that happiness. So as the darker months are upon us and it's still a little while till the special occasions. I've put together a little playlist that hopefully will make you feel a little better or help you fight through your problems.

Jake Miller | Like Me

Alesha Dixon | The Way We Are

Rachel Platten | Fight Song

Jessie J | Who You Are

Jess Glynne | Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Hailee Steinfield | Love Myself

What songs do you listen too in order to make you feel good? 

Nikkita x

Sunday, 18 October 2015


"Friends" is a commonly known phrase. I have hundreds of "friends" but I've only recently realised that I can count my friends using only half of my hand.

They say to look at your five closest friends, to truly understand yourself. This is because along with your family these are the people who affect your personality the most, even if you don't see it.

Friends can do one of two things push us forwards or pull us back. For me I only began looking down at myself when my "friends" and "family" knocked my confidence. Think about it... when you got your results from exams or anything else in life, who were the first people you told? We always think we are okay as long we get better results than our mates. But when it came to it, did it really matter?

This is why I think it's important to have friends and family who add to your life in a positive way. Because if they don't add to your life, they take away or even worse they break even. We tend to change the way we live and who we are according to the people who surround us. If you surround yourself with negative people, you'll become negative. Life is too short to live your life according to other people ideas and that's the reality. You have to live your life for yourself.

People who respect you identity, and support your positive decisions and affect your life for the better are true friends. True friends are people who benefit you emotionally, mentally and regularly. A friend isn't someone who leaves you out in a group but when you're on your own act like they're your best friend.

As Suli Breaks says "One hand washes the other before they can both wash the face". This may sound weird at first but it means that in order to receive good, true and honest friends you must be one yourself. Therefore meaning that you can find ways to positively affect each other.

Nikkita x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Autumn Playlist

Autumn is officially here and it comes with good music. Well, I think it does anyway. Recently I have been listening to lots of new different types of music and have found that some of the songs that have come out recently aren't so bad. Which has now given me the idea to create a playlist for you of a few songs that I have been liking recently. You could just be nosey or want to hear a few new songs to maybe add to your playlist, either way I hope you like find at least one song you like. 

Disclosure ft. Lorde | Magnets

Ellie Goulding | On My Mind

Nick Brewer ft. Bibi Bourelly | Talk To Me

Selena Gomez | Same Old Love

Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin | Runnin' (Lose It All)

Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley | Powerful

Nick Jonas | Levels


Melanie Martinez | Sippy Cup 

What are your favourite songs for this Autumn?

Nikkita x

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Bristol Harbour Festival

The Bristol Harbour Festival is an annual event that me and my Dad attend every year. Unfortunately when it was held a few months ago I was working, which meant me and my Dad could only attend it on the evening on the last day of which it was held. However we still attend as it is one of our annual traditions. Even though we didn't get to see everything in action, we still walked round and had such a lovely time as the atmosphere was more peaceful which meant we could spend time to absorb the views and spend some quality daughter father time. Overall I had a wonderful evening and if you are ever passing Bristol next year and here about this event, I highly recommend you attend it. Every year they never fail to uplift spirits and prepare you for the summer ahead. 

Nikkita x

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Ramblings of Art

Art is about having the freedom to express yourself. Without art many people will be stuck with built up emotions slowly eating them from the inside out. Art creates something interesting for the beholder to see. Whenever anyone looks at art they never see the same picture. But that's the beauty of art, what you see will be nothing like what the next person sees. For example recently I was speaking to one of my teachers about a piece of work by Pascal Campion. What I saw was tranquillity where a women was taking a break from her work and taking time to listen to raindrops on the window and drink a cup of tea. Whereas what my teacher saw was a depressing picture where a women looked lonely and in need of a friend. 

Art is a subject that gives students the ability to express themselves, very closely linked to English. Yet different as it is a non-academic approach to having the freedom to express your own views despite what others think. Because in all honesty if we all had the same opinions, life would be very boring as everyone would be the same. But society is affecting the way more and more people think about art. The reason I have brought this up is because a while back the government were talking about banning art as a subject as it seemed unnecessary on the academic spectrum. However my opinion on this is slightly different. I believe that everyone should experience art as a subject and it is their choice whether they want to pursuit the career path in the future. We should let students express themselves and be able to decide their own future. I once knew a little girl who had never had a colouring book or even colouring pencils, which meant she didn't understand how fun or relaxing it could be to create something beautiful as she wasn't fortunate enough to have the chance, whereas by having art  as a subject is gives those less fortunate the chance to experience art. 

In art no one is wrong, there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to art. Your art work shouldn't look exactly like another persons. Your artwork should represent you. Whether that's art as in painting, music or even media. Art is about expressing who you are and not you pretending to be some one else. Art is probably one of the rare things we have that people can not fail at because as long as your artwork expresses who you are, there is nothing wrong with that.

What's your opinion on art? Leave your opinions in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible.

Nikkita x

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Project Pan

I've seen this topic floating around the web a lot recently. Either in blog posts or YouTube videos it seems like a lot of people are doing it. At first I didn't know what it was about, Project Pan? Seemed like a confusing yet intriguing name. So I thought I'd look into it more and find out what the hype was all about. So for those of you who do not know. Project pan is a series of posts that make you challenge yourself to use up a certain amount of products within a specific amount of time. But when using up the product you must not purchase a new product of a similar or same purpose. 

I've decided to do this as I have multiple amounts of products lying around in draws, boxes and sides waiting to be used. Yet I keep purchasing more. So I have gathered together a few random products that I have found in both the bathroom and my bedroom to use, varying from make-up to shampoo.

Unlike most people who have done this challenge I will not be setting myself a specific deadline due to the fact the amount in each bottle/tub varies quite a bit. Meaning that I might finish one before the deadline, but another I wouldn't be able to as there will be to much. Therefore the deadline for this challenge is as soon as possible. I will also keep you updated with how the challenge is going when I use up each product. 

So without further a do, the products that I will be attempting to use up are as follows...

Prestige H2 Wow Mascara | N/A

Personally I love the idea of this post and how it encourages people to use up what they already have before going out to buy more.  It's a great and easy way to save money and appreciate the things that you already have. Have you heard of the Project Pan Challenge? What's your opinion?

Nikkita x