Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Balloon Fiesta

If you've seen my recent post called "My Summer" you might have already seen a little snippet of this post. Basically back on the 8th of August I went to the balloon fiesta with my good friend Abbey. We arrived to watch the air balloons go up which was beautiful everyone cheered each time one managed to go up. We then got some matching henna and tattoos before we walked around and had a browse at a few stalls.

We then went on a hunt to find somewhere to sit and wait for the night glow. Which for those of you who don't know is when they owners of the air balloons come together to create a display by lighting up each balloon in time to music. Whilst we waited it got a little cold so we bought some pancakes and a cup of tea to warm us up. It was at this point we found out that they had to turn people away as it was unsafe to let anyone else in, which was the first time in history. The night glow began and it was very unique and beautiful as always. We danced to the music and had a good laugh. There was also a firework display which was beautiful and had many people amazed. After a beautiful evening it was time to leave and from the bottom picture you can see how busy it was as this one only one exit out of four. Personally I loved the whole atmosphere every year I like to attend this event and I was lucky enough to go with my friend this year and create many wonderful memories. 

Nikkita x

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