Sunday, 27 September 2015

Comparison | Air Fresheners

Before we begin I'd just like to confirm that I agree to the fact that this isn't like something I would normally post about but I have been a huge fan or air fresheners recently so I'd just thought I'd share it with you. If a room in my house didn't smell to good I used to just a fragrance that I had to hand. Until I picked up this febreze spray that my friend recommend to me when I saw it on offer. Then I saw this Glade one for a pound when I was running low on my original one and decided to pick it up to give it a go. 

This febreze air effects spray is beautiful the scent is very homely and creates an atmosphere that seems more relaxed and breathable. I also love the design of the product. I love the little flowers over the background that represents what the product is. Normally I am not a huge fan of a vanilla scent. Majority of the time it is very strong and overwhelming in my opinion. However this scent isn't like a normal vanilla scent. It is very strong but isn't overwhelming, I can't quite work out what it is yet but there is something that makes this scent different compared to others. 

Moving on to the Glade product. This is a great product for the price but it seems more of a fake scent and to strong. Compared to the other product, I think this belongs more at a office or work environment. I'm normally a huge lover of glade products as I buy there candles all the time, however this one didn't seem to float my boat as much. I think if the scent was a little toned down it would've better.

Nikkita x

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