Saturday, 8 August 2015

What's in my Little Bag?

As promised from my most recent post, here's what is in my Little Bag that I carry with my all the time. I like this bag as it is small enough to throw in any bag. It contains all what I might need on a day to day basis.

1 | Tissues

You never know when you're going to need some or when someone else is going to ask you whether they can have some.

2 | Grips

3 | Hair band

For when your hair gets very annoying so you have to throw it up in a ponytail or a quick hairstyle in order to get hair out of your face.

4 | Pill box

This is for all my medicine like paracetamol, anxiety and migraines because you never know when you might need them.

5 |  Nail file

6 | Nail stick

For when your nails are playing up. Personally I can't stand it when my nail breaks a little and gets caught on everything.

7 |  Nivea creme

This is used when my hands or any part of my body gets dry, so that you body can stay smooth all day long. 

8 | Lip balm 

Very similar to number 7 but for when your lips get dry. I hate cracked lips. This also contains some anti-septic thing which means you can use it on cuts or scratches to stop it from getting infected, which I haven't done yet but it's good to know it's there.

9 | Gum

For when you need extra fresh breath.

10 | Charger

For when you need to charge your phone on the go. I normally use this when I go to school and have computers around, but it's also good when you stay over your friends house.

11 | Money

You never know when you need money.

12 | Hand sanitiser

This is a life saver, for when you need to clean your hands on the go.

13 | Perfume

For when you want to smell nice.

14 | Plasters

For when you've cut yourself or for when someone else asks you for one.

So that's what's in my little bag. I have things for on the go and things to help me prepare for unplanned events. Remember to comment I reply to all comments.

Nikkita x

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