Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dear August...

Dear August, 

I got up and changed my life for the better... I'm happy with my family and my friends. There might not be as many as before, but they are definitely close and are very supportive.

Even though parts of my life are still fairly bad, I've learnt that I can not change that, no matter how hard I try. Therefore I am happy where I am. Life... I am happy! 

The last time I recapped I wasn't to good. I was living my life to other people's standards instead of my own. Everything seemed foggy, cold and unclear without any hope of moving forward.

But this time, you and your hopeful behaviour has given me a push to a place where things look brighter.

I'm so in love with all of my friends and family and I'm so in love with you again. 

I am becoming more grateful for the little things instead of pushing them aside. 

Thank you for giving me hope, and I'll see you soon. 

Nikkita x
Inspired by Letters To July 

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