Thursday, 30 July 2015

Instagram Diary | 3

1 | My recent camping holiday, which I just got back from today.

2 | A selfie on a chill out day, when my hair hasn't even been brushed.

3 | Harbour Festival with my Dad after a tough day at work.

4 | OOTD: Loved this simple yet classy outfit.

5 | My closest friend Abbey came over after work to sleep.

6 | As seen in my recent post at an art gallery.

7 | Taken from my post: A Costa with my friend Skye.

8 | Plymouth to look at the university.

9 | Beautiful piece of artwork again taken from a post.

10 | My wonderful Dad last year at Prom.

11 | Taken in my garden before I head out.

12 | A selfie chilling with two of my friends. 

Sorry for the delay of posts recently I have been very busy with work and I have also been on a short holiday away. Which has made me very tired, so I'll most likely be of to bed after I set my laptop down. This post goes from the most modern one being number one and the last one from a month or two ago being number twelve. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I post on Instagram, if you would like to see more click on the link in the right side bar. I hope you're having a wonderful day and there will be a post very shortly.

Nikkita x


  1. great recap! it seems that July was a great month to you! love your photos :)

    xx Jamie| Love Peace and Shimmer

    1. Aww, it was a good month. Thank you x