Monday, 20 July 2015

A Lovely Day

A few weeks ago I went on another art trip. Personally this one was much better than the last as it was such a lovely day because this time we had much more freedom than before. Firstly we went into the Bristol School of Art and looked round a gallery filled with amazing art work that pupils who attend the course did. It was lovely to see a wide range of art, with lots of meaning and very unique. After that waited by a lovely water fountain which was absolutely lovely, especially on the hot day that it was. We then looked around a few more galleries before going to Brown's for a lovely drink. It was such a picturesque place and made you feel like you were on holiday. After that we visited a few more galleries and looked at some lovely art shops. We then took a walk down to the harbour side to eat our lunch, before going home. But instead of going home me and my friend Skye went to Costa to have a lovely catch up. Overall it was a very simple yet lovely day which I appreciated very much.

Nikkita x


  1. I adore the 5th photo down, it's amazing what people create and how unique it all is! You sound like you had an amazing time!

    1. Yes that is one of my favourites too. It is good how unique everyone's art work is even with similar topics. Aww... I did thank you. x