Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sometimes Saying "No" is Beneficial...

Today's post is going to be more of a talking post rather than a picture post. It's going to be about something that I'm trying to learn how to accomplish at the moment. For those of you reading this that know me, I'm absolutely terrible at saying no to people. This is because I don't like upsetting people no matter how much they upset me, I'll still stay happy and positive to them and keep my emotions bottled up. This is not the right thing, I know that but it's hard to understand this. The other day someone said to me that you need to stop saying yes to everything just because you're worried that you might miss out on something or because you are scared or for what ever reason you have.

So hearing this from someone who is close to me was hard. It can be simple things like going out somewhere if a friend asks you to and you don't really want to go, I have done this multiple times for different reasons when I haven't really wanted to and would of much preferred to stay at home and relax. About a month ago my days consisted of me going to sixth form then going out in the evening and not coming back till nine or even eleven 'o' clock some days. This is all good as you do gain a lot of new memories and make friends with lots of people you wouldn't have met if you stayed in doors. But I was doing this so often that it was beginning to make me feel ill. But I tried to push past it and live everyday to the full and carry on going out. But it got to the point when one day I was out and I began to think this isn't me. I'm a huge introvert so I as much as I love going out I prefer to stay indoors. I was hanging around with so many new and interesting people that I was losing focus on the people and things that I cared about the most. So I decided I would fight the fear and tell people that I didn't want to go out. This was a hard thing to do but with the support of close friends, work colleagues and my Dad I accomplished this. I began to understand that to live life to the full everyday it doesn't mean you have to go out, you can make memories that last a life time by doing everyday things. It's the small memories that matter the most. For example when I'm with my younger sister and my Dad and we're all messing about, being silly and just laughing. That means more to me then going out and meeting new people as it's where I'm just be myself with the people I care most about.

You're probably thinking this doesn't connect to the name of the post and this is true... Last week I got into this cyclical cycle again and it was beginning to become very draining. So when they next asked me to come out I said no and stood my ground, which was and still is extremely hard for me as I normally cave in if they ask me again. But for saying this little word it made me feel so much better. It meant that evening I could focus on spending some quality time with my loved ones and I could get my head down into some good old revision and homework. Basically what I have found is that no matter how hard, scary or nervous you are to say no to something you don't particularly want to do. When you gain the courage to do so it's worth it. In the past by not saying no, it has gotten me into a bit of trouble and I'm glad that I'm slowly learning how to say the small phrase "No thank you". 

So if you got to this part, thank you so much for taking the time to read that very very long post and I hope you like it. If you did be sure to follow me on bloglovin' so that you can like it if you liked it. Be sure to comment down below if you find it hard to say no sometimes or whether you have a suggestion for another post or whether you'd just like to say hi. I reply back to every comment you make as quickly as I can. Thank you again for reading this and remember to stay happy and be true to yourself. 

Nikkita x


  1. I am the complete opposite! I can always say no to people or atleast make an excuse without lying. I'm glad you're learning to say no since saying yes all the time actually isn't good. I have a friend that is like you and I tell her the same thing, that she should start saying no. Love this post!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. Aww... You must be a very strong person and admire you for having that skill. Aww... Thank you and I know I'm glad I'm coming across this realisation. Aww... I'm glad you are helping her to make this realisation, you must be a good friend. I will be a very helpful skill throughout life. Aww... Thank you so much x