Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why Daisies Are One Of My Favourite Flowers...

This is a very random post but I thought it would be an interesting post for you guys to read. Everyone has their favourite flower. Stereotypically girls but both men and women have a favourite flower and it's not always a rose on valentines day. I love how flowers can say so much and look so beautiful at the same time. I say why daises are "one" of my favourite flowers because I actually have two favourite flowers, however the second one is harder to get to as it is a Lotus. 

As you can see from the three photographs above the first one on the left is from a distance. We can all recognise a daisy from afar. But then the second photo represents what you can actually see if you focus on the flower, you can begin to recognise it's colours: white and yellow. The third one represents what a daisy is it's centre is so complex beyond believe and the white petals are actually fairly complex as well. So you are probably thinking... "well yeah we know that already??". Well here comes your answer and the cheesy bit. I think a daisy represents me. From afar I look like a normal person just like everyone else. But then once you get to know me and become an lets say "acquaintance" you begin to my personality and who I am as a person. Then once you actually know me and become a close friend you realise that I'm more complex then what people think. But it's only me who has seen the things I've seen and lived the life I've lived and am living. 

I hope you have enjoyed this random and peculiar post and that it has made some sort of sense. Be sure to comment in the comments I love replying to them. Hope you have had or are having a great day.

Nikkita x