Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Throwback to Prom

As Prom is just around the corner for some people, I thought I'd show you a few pictures that were taking from my Prom last year. Personally I loved my Prom, I enjoyed seeing everybody from my year in one place before we all went our separate routes. We danced, laughed and just created our own night to remember. I went with my best friend Connor and my other friend Freya. We wanted to arrive in a unique way so we went to Prom by boat which also made the evening longer as we went on a small boat trip before arriving. Overall I loved Prom as it is a time to relax and be yourself. 

Nikkita x


  1. Naww this is super cute and I love your dress!

  2. Lovely pictures! You look beautiful when you smile - as in with your teeth! Embrace it you're beautiful! <3


    1. Aww... That's so sweet, thank you x