Friday, 22 May 2015

HD | Hairdressers

To be very honest with you I get as nervous to go to the hair dressers as I do to go to the dentist, especially if I'm going to a place that isn't where I would normally get my hair cut. Anyway to stop the rambling, the other day I went to the hair dressers and as much as I loved the length of my hair it wasn't really working with me. I would end up putting it up in a ponytail and it would be high maintenance. So I thought for a change I would get 3 inches cut off. I already had 2 but I wanted to make a difference to my hair this time. So I built up the courage and went in...


As you can see as before it did look nice but it was high maintenance. Plus I still had a little bit of ombrĂ© on the ends so it made my hair more frizzy and due to the fact it was lighter ends it made it more visible. 


I can see a huge improvement in my hair. It still takes a little maintenance for it too look presentable sue to the fact that my hair is originally fairly frizzy. I also think that the new haircut helps shape my face more and also makes me look a little more sophisticated. 

It's funny how just a simple hair cut can speak so much. I've always personally cared more about my hair then make-up. As I think that if your hair is looking good you already look put together, or it might just be the fact that I don't always have the time to do my make-up in the morning. Either way I am a big fan or my hair, so I've decided to create a little series called "Hair Diary" or for short "HD", comment below if there are any posts you would like to see about hair and I'll be sure to include them in the series.

Nikkita x


  1. your new hair cut suits you! love it :)