Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Decorative Heart

Sorry it has been so long since I did my last post, but I have just been caught up in life at the moment. With sixth form, work and a social life, it has been hard to try and find time to just sit down and breath let alone relax enough to do a blog post. But anyway hopefully they should be more regular now. 

As I have been out a lot recently, I have had very little time to take photographs for a blog post but I have realised that I haven't done a DIY post on this blog yet. So this is what I am going to do for you today. This is actually a copy from my last blog that I had but when I was talking to people about my new blog. They said that they really like the new blog style and the content but it would be a shame to loose some of the DIY posts that I did on the other blog. So what I am hoping to do it transfer the pictures across in this blog and then to create new text for it. This post is how I made a decorative heart, which I made about a year ago now and that I still own and have on my wall. I think that this DIY is such a simple little thing but can brighten up any room.  

You will need... 
* Cardboard | An empty cereal box
* Images from the internet | An old magazine
* Scissors
* Glue stick
* Pen / Pencil 

Once you have all of these items you may begin. This DIY can also be very eco-friendly depending on whether you go for the green option or not. But it depends on your personal preference.

Step 1 | Cut out or get one piece of cardboard and cut out any images that you have found or find that you like the look of. This could either be themed or just picked randomly. It depends on what you want your decoration to be filled with. For example maybe a cooking themed heart for a kitchen or a beach themed heart for a bathroom. 

Step 2 | Glue down all of your chosen pictures onto the sheet of cardboard. This can be as messy as you like and try to cover up as much of the sheet as you can so that you don't have any gaps when you come to making your heart. 

Step 3 | Once you have all your images, words or quotes stuck securely onto the cardboard. Draw a heart shape onto the cardboard. You could create a template for this using the other piece of card. It could also be any shape you want, it doesn't necessarily have to be a heart it could be a star or a circle if that would suit you better. 

Step 4 | Cut around the outline you made and then glue back down anything that has moved or stuck up during the last two steps. Then you're done. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little DIY post and be sure to send me pictures and whether or not you made this DIY in the comments. Also comment whether you would like to see more posts like this one and whether you have any suggestions of what to make next. Thank you... 

Nikkita x 

PS. Apologise for the quality of the photographs

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