Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Meet Me!

Welcome to Elegant Anchors! Well, this is exciting a brand new blog with brand new feed. As this is my first blog post on this blog I have decided to do more of a chatty get to know me type post. So get yourself a hot beverage and get ready to snuggle up and meet me. 

Before you ask, this isn't my first blog. I have previously had a blog called Nikkita0703 which began back at the start of 2013. I started that blog as I was reading blog posts and watching YouTuber's for about half a year and wanted to try it out myself. I wasn't confident to create a YouTube account and I loved (and still love) writing. This is why I chose to join the blogger world and created a blog. But I was fairly young when I created Nikkita0703 and as much as I loved it, so much had changed in my life and I have gotten a lot older as well. I never really thought I would change my blog, but after a lot of thinking I decided to re-brand and create a whole new blog for a whole new start. I will still be writing about many of the same things like fashion, beauty, reviews and lifestyle things. But this time hopefully more in a personal way that shows my personality to you guys, my Elegant Anchors! (see what I did there) 

Anyway that's enough about my blog, what about me... What are my interests? Where do I live? What do I do in my spare time? Well instead of writing question answer question answer style. I have decided to talk about it in more of a facts about me kind of way. So let's begin... I am from the UK (United Kingdom). I have multiple interests including photography, writing, organising and meeting new people. That is a rather strange thing to say, I enjoy meeting new people as I am quite a quiet reserved mellow person who is fairly shy. However as each year passes by I am becoming more confident. In certain situations I do climb back into my shell but I am more out of my shell then inside now days. However I am still learning... I also have weird love of candles and quotes. I have a box full of candles and a jar full of quotes. My favourite quotes change all of the time but if I had to say one of my favourite quotes for today, it would probably be have to be of the top of my head. "Life is like a camera, Focus on what is important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out take another shot." But like I said it changes pretty much everyday. Just like my music. I am a huge lover of music. Any genre, any time, any place. I tend to like listening to music loud rather than quite. If I had to narrow down all my music to my favourite band it would have to be Arctic Monkeys without fail. I am a huge lover of Arctic Monkeys but I do also love many musicians such as Lily Allen, Eminem, Paramore, Bridgit Mendler, The Script, Rizzle Kicks, Kiesza, Ella Eyre and the list goes on and on. I find personally that the music I listen to depends on what mood I am in or what mood I would like to be in. One thing other than music, which I enjoy to do when I relax is having a bath. A good old soak in the bath with LUSH products, candles, bubbles and music is just my dream after a long day. 

Anyway before this post ends up getting to long, we better stop there. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and it didn't seem too boring. If you would like to get updates of my new posts you can follow me on my social media's which are linked on the right. I normally post posts one or twice a week so keep an eye out. Remember to leave a comment down below telling me what your thoughts are and maybe a little bit about you. Talk soon...

Nikkita x